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Horse Racing!

Postby Xaionara » March 28th, 2016, 5:25 am

Hello everyone and welcome to Jesters Horse race registration and FAQ, as well as the leader-boards and current Champion.\n\nFAQ:\n\nQ: What is a Horse race?\nA: Basically its for those that want to have fun, engage in non lethal combat against your guild mates on horseback riding. (Also for us that are bored leveling up our horses)\n\nQ: I will need a horse, what Tier and level?\nA: Tiers will be selected as a minimum on some races, levels is all up to the rider's preferences. It will be separate leader boards for different tiers.\n\nQ: Ok ok, got it, wheres the races taking place?\nA: Im currently looking up good places with nice scenery and some diversion. Some races will be short, other long and for those you might even need carrots. You will have to follow a path thats not going to be marked on the ground, a pre run for everyone who wants that is given on request. It will (i dont want to spoil anything but so simply things) try to make the course so its easy to know where to go, but not too easy.\n\nQ: Is there any price money involved or just the leaderboards?\nA: Not sure yet, the only thing you can trade in-game is buff food/pots, I'm not rich but hey, we can always bring 1 food each and the winner takes it all? Or make it 5, lets not make it any huge loss on new players but still something nice for higher lv players. (+fishing +gathering)\n\nQ: What is a Champion and how do i get that title?\nA: The champion is the victor of the race, he will be the one racing the winner of the race thus making the that position favored.\n\nQ: How does the leader-board work?\nA: It will work as following: The Champion and his streak will be saved with the date and time of the completion of the race, if he loses will put him in the archived section, if he wins again a new entry will be made. There will be a separate section with current races won by a player in total.\n\n\n\nLeader-board(s) and current Champion will be added later (If this gets popular i can spend some time to make it all look good, ya know im fishing all the time, so i have much spare time!)

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