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Too much to say
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Issues with Elitism

Postby hempnight79 » June 4th, 2016, 11:01 am

Right....\n\nI have received a complaint today that there has been some Elitism within the guild. Let me remind you that The Jesters DOES NOT tolerate this kind of attitude at all!! Now I want to be loud and clear on this matter. If I receive complaints with sufficient proof that someone has been this way to members I will remove you without hesitation. Accusation alone will not make me remove someone, there will need to be evidence of it.\n\nThe Jesters is an open gaming community that is here for anyone that wants to take part. We take pride that we work with each other to achieve the same goals and ultimately have the most fun we can. Having said this there are things that people do need to get done and its things that sometimes you have to do on your own. If you are struggling in that though, shout up and there will be people that will help.\n\nI sincerely hope that this issue never raises its ugly head again and that we can now work towards getting the max enjoyment out of this game.
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Re: Issues with Elitism

Postby ObeyTheBrave » June 4th, 2016, 11:13 am

If anyone needs help grinding sausans, as long as im not on pirate island, im usually more than willing to help out. Like hemp stated, this guild is not elitist, but we do expect our members to get their lvls higher and grind out some gear. we wont do it all for you but we are willing to help out. a great way to grind out lvls is to do guild missions, you get some good money, exp, and it helps out the guild, and more often than not as a result of doing a guild mission, we end up going to sausans or other grind spots since we already have a grind group set up.\nTL;DR\nDo guild missions ;)\n- The Favorite Officer - Fatina
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