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Complete Archive of Links, Rules and Guidance for Jesters

Postby Desember » May 7th, 2013, 11:32 pm

Our Teamspeak Address:\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n.
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Jesters Complete Rules and Regulations

Postby LuckyNoS7evin » June 15th, 2013, 9:49 pm

I have been asked by a few people recently "who's in charge of {insert game}?" "who runs the guild/outfit/corp in {insert game}?"\n\nWho Creates In Game Communities\n\nALL games The Jesters need a community to be created will be created by Powerpuffters, there are NO exceptions to this rule!\n\nThe reasons for this are due to Leadership and Control. Powerpuffters has run The Jesters and created this gaming community for you. He is the reason we are all here and he wants The Jesters to be successful in everything we do. If we had another Jester founding the IN-GAME communities we could not control what happened if that Jester did something like disbanding the community, kicking people, starting internal wars etc......\n\nWith one person being the founder of all in game communities we have control over this.\n\nWho Runs In Game Communities\n\nThis is a little more complicated, the highest RANKING Jester who plays the game on a regular basis in the one who runs the community. An example of this is Powerpuffters runs Planetside 2, LuckyNoS7evin runs Star Conflict, Powerpuffters will run The Elder Scrolls Online & Star Citizen on release.\n\nWhen Communities aren't controlled\n\nWhen there are no versions of in-game communities (obvious)\n\nWhen there are only a few Jesters members that play the game. A recent example of this is I know there is a League of Legends team run by Headfirstdiver, this is a smaller team with a maximum capacity of 10 people so it's not really an MMO which The Jesters are primarily interested in.
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Jesters Teamspeak and Platoon policy

Postby Pharax » September 8th, 2013, 6:55 pm

Jesters Teamspeak and Platoon policy\n\nSo why now?\n\nDue to the current size of the community, it's continued expansion and our future expansion goals, we feel it's appropriate to lay out and formalise the existing rules & guidelines for Teamspeak. Yes we've always advertised ourselves as a more laid back community, and that hasn't changed, however some formal structure is necessary as we progress. \n\nWho do these rules apply to?\n\nThese rules apply to all - the newer Jesters, the old Jesters and even more so to those in the Leadership team! Some of you may read through this and think this is all just common sense, others may not agree at all. However we do need to implement this policy going forward and it is hoped that all will understand the necessity.\n\nThe Rules and Guidelines\n\nThe following policy has been discussed and agreed with the community team. The below is not exhaustive and common sense should always be applied, the policy is subject to change where the community team feel necessary. As Planetside is at this time our main game the policy will be worded around that, however the policy will apply across all outfits, clans, guilds, fleets or variations thereof under the Jesters banner.\n\nPTT - (Push to talk) \n PTT is mandatory and is now enforced on all planetside channels. If this is a major issue teamspeak admins can allow people who are able to use voice activation without causing disturbances to do so. This privilege will be removed should any disturbances occur. \n\n \n\nIf you are unsure how to set your PTT or have any issues setting up Teamspeak as a whole, then please contact a member of community leadership, ask a fellow Jester or visit the forums for help and advice.\n\nFailure to comply with the above could lead to you being kicked from Teamspeak until the issue is resolved.\n\nNerd Rage! - \nWe're all victims of this disease, even our darling angel Pei Pei. There is a time and a place for it howver and that time and place is NEVER in the heat of a battle. "OMG HOW DID HE NOT DIE?! FFS TEAMKILLED AGAIN KICK THIS C**t" A potential 48 players nerd raging over teamspeak every time they die? No thanks. Naturally we can expect some outbursts as we appreciate that it can be frustrating to but please try keep this to a minimum. This should not need to result in some form of sanction unless you're continually disrupting teamspeak during the flow of battle.\n\n\nGeneral chit chat and comms - \nWhile we encourage people to chat and socialise within Teamspeak (otherwise we'd all be playing single player), during peak times the platoon channels can get pretty busy and loud. Very loud. Again there is a time and place for general chatter. If you're sat practically ghost capping a facility then by all means take the time appreciate/berate Eugene's brilliantly/awfully bad jokes or whatever tickles your fancy. However should your ghost cap turn into a 48v48 fight in the last minute, it would be expected for everyone to cut the chatter and get back to the sunderer killing business. Common sense will reign however as will depend on the current PL's style of leading. We foresee no reason people should be sanctioned for this unless they're seriously and continually disrupting play.\n\nLib teams / Harasser teams:\nIt's a important for communication between driver and gunner to be constant. however in a channel of 30, 28 people don't need to know what your ammo state is or you next target is. Whilst unintended, this talk can disrupt orders or play for the entire platoon. Equally though it's important that you know what the squad is doing. We'd encourage you to move to a separate channel and turn on the channel commander feature (information to fully set this up can be found here Request that platoon leader turns on channel commander and you can then still hear orders but the platoon channel remains clear for the platoon.\n\n\nPL's, SL's and Backseat PL's - (Platoon Leaders / Squad Leaders) \n\nPlatoon Leaders:\nIf you're in a platoon your Platoon Leader is God. They have rank over anyone in that channel. Yes anyone, Trickster's and MoR's alike. It doesn't matter if the current PL is a Joker / Fool or even a Jester! They say "jump", you say "how high?" Even if you can see the catastrophic error you're PL is about to make you DO NOT rant, rave and overthrow. Be respectful to each other at all times. Politely put across the error in question to them when appropriate to do so, if they then see the light, fine, no problems! Should they still decide to go ahead, you follow orders or leave the platoon if you disagree that strongly. Platoon leading can be a thankless, difficult and daunting task so please support your PL. Only within a supportive environment can we encourage more people to take up the PL position and we all learn from our mistakes. \n\nSquad Leaders:\nSo your PL has split your platoon and each squad is now hitting different objectives. The same now applies to your squad leaders. They say "jump", you say "how high?" Stick with your squad, use squad chat. If your squad leader clearly isn't following their assigned objective, causing you to spawn the other side of the map, request a new squad leader! Equally, if you are squad leader then please hand over squad to another Jester if you intend to fly or are otherwise engaged somewhere other than the squad objective.\n\nBack-seat Platoon Leading:\nThis the most infuriating thing to have to deal with while trying to direct a 48 man team across a battlefield and WILL NOT be tolerated. By all means advise your PL's and SL's you do not rule them. Otherwise take the lead yourself! If you still do not agree with your PL's and SL's decisions then make your own squad. There is no requirement to be in the main platoon and you will often see separate squads for farming, air or vehicles. We appreciate that there is a fine line between suggestions and back-seat platoon leading - as a general rule, if the PL asks you to stop then you stop.\n\nYour fellow Jesters:\nI would like to think that it goes without saying that all Jesters treat each other with respect and understanding. However we all make mistakes, accidents happen and Badgers gets f***ing annoying. Someone **** up and drives the sunderer off a cliff? Don't jump down their throat and make them **** out your fist. By all means make it known that they **** up. Unless it's Pei Pei, he should know better and you should know not to get in unless you've a desire to decorate a rock with your intestines - you both need berating. It's not what you say to people but more how you say it sometimes, equally we need to respect that English is not the first language of many members of our community so subtlety can be lost in translation, in other words please don't get easily offended, often things are said in jest or the heat of battle. Either way you make your point, without being abusive, and we move on and forget about the matter. We don't expect you to like each and every member of this community but there's no requirement to interact with everyone either. Mute people if you have to. This includes guests on our Teamspeak who could be potential new members of the community. Should you have a serious complaint against someone let a member of the community leadership know on Teamspeak or a PM on the forums. We know we don't have to say this but we need to make clear that abusive behaviour, racial, sexual or homophobic harassment will not be tolerated and will result in permanent removal from the community.\n\nWe would also respectfully point out that our TS is public. Please refrain from insulting other NC outfits, bad-mouthing them or pointing out how awesome we are. We know it, they know it - they're just here for the reflected glory. \n\nSanctions\n\nKicked / Removed from channel - \nIf you find you've been kicked or removed from a channel and aren't given a reason chances are you aren't using PTT. If that's not the case, politely message them and wait for answer or email with the details of what happened.\n\nBans - Jesters/Jesters Friends\nBans are not given out easily to Jesters and are situational. If an officer finds your behaviour is not acceptable, a further two officers will be called into a channel to hear what has happened. They alone will decide the course of action in line with policy. If you are banned outright without reason, and without the presence of a minimum of 3 officers, message a member of the community leadership or contact\n\nBans - Guests\nGuests on teamspeak need to remember that they are guests. Guests can and will be kicked or even banned without warning in the event of disruptive behaviour. Again should you wish to appeal this contact a community officer or email\n\nAs you can see, everything above is currently in place and we already work to this policy, in that respect nothing has changed. Recently though it seems that a couple of infractions have occurred and it had been pointed out that the policy/guidelines were not written down together in one place - this document aims to correct this.

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