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I guess I am back

Postby Com783 » February 1st, 2016, 1:10 pm

Played some ESO last month, before lots and lots of Heroes and Generals. Got a bit bored with both of 'em. Updated PS2, read about upcoming features for PS2, read about base construction and mining and literally went hyped and cried.\n\nAnd also reworked and removed bases on Indar. ( checks out)\n\nIt's gonnaa be like RUST (which I don't have lol), somehow. :D\n\nI even got to play with some old Jesters this weekend, was great.\n\n\n~Com783
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Re: I guess I am back

Postby FatSheriff » March 12th, 2016, 10:08 am

how many people have you killed and why?

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